Keith Lemons Very Brilliant World Tour

Keith Lemon’s Very Brilliant World Tour was a 6 episode show following Keith Lemon Business man of the year 1993 around different locations across the world. ” I left my business in the capable hands of my cousin Gary and set off with Roy my next door neighbour who was filming it on his camcorder.”

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Episode 1 America

The tour started in America more percifically Las Vegas.

Here I hung out with the Chippendales and met my old flame Mel B from the Spice girls. I saw the Grand Canyon and tried my hand at being a Cowboy.

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Episode 2 Australia

Episode 2 I travelled to Australia and visited the Great barrier reef. I had a flashback to me and holly valance together. I also met Stefan Dennis AKA Paul Daniels from neighbours and tried to get him to join me on my new business venture of “Cereale”. Oh and those “fricking” flies did my head in!

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Episode 3 Mexico

Episode 3 was in Mexico where I tried my hand at bull running and had a go at midget wrestling with some midgets of course! I also met up with my old friend Fabio who gave me some good advice.

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Episode 4 Egypt

Episode 4 I visited Egypt and embarked on a camel safari which was too good for my rear! The TLC from sexy Samia Smith from Coronation Street helped soothe the pain though.

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Episode 5 Japan

Episode 5 was a favourite of mine where I went to visit those crazy Japanese folks. My tour guide was a crazy fella “I say tomato you say ……..” hehehe. I met the Kaiser Chiefs and Juilette Lewis who I had sing a song to promote my robotic dog business idea. I also got up close and personal with Tamzin Outhwaite in a small sleeping pod.

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Episode 6 Iceland

The final leg of the tour was in Iceland. My tour guide was the spit of Tom Hanks. I visited a tallywacker museum with the largest penises I ever saw! I met up with my old mate Dermot O’Leary and we went snow sledging and watched the Northern Lights.

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